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    Hi Steve, After the site update a few months ago my jukebox shuffle feature stopped working, I posted about it on here. It’s still doesn’t work and I am using the website on firefox, can you help?


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    I’ll take a look at this tomorrow. In the meantime, can you try it in other browsers so we can see if that’s an issue and it can help me fix it. Thanks!


    No rush… and no luck on Chrome either


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    I have the same issue. I can only play certain songs I’ve tried using my phone, laptop and work computer without any luck.
    I click on some songs and nothing happens and then there are others that I can listen to it’s really odd.


    I can shuffle existing playlists, but not my favorites list still.


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    I cannot shuffle my favorites list either: using Chrome.


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    After the transition from the old site I had more tunes in my playlist than the maximum allowed. I figured that was the cause of my not being able to shuffle, some sort of math error. But now that I’ve removed songs from my favorites so that I’m using 39 of 40 slots, I still can’t shuffle.

    When I load the page in Chrome with Developer Tools open, I’ve attached what I see.

    Hitting the shuffle button has no apparent effect on the site. Within the console, I see a repeat of the Mixed Content warning.

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    That error is just the site loading a non-secure URL (which is the media asset). When you click “shuffle”, you’re saying it does not re-list your playlist in a random order? The shuffle doesn’t do what you would expect which is just play the next song at random. It still plays from 0 – x (top to bottom) but the actual playlist of songs is in a new order.

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