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    Do they still let families do this? I think I remembwred hearing about them not allowing it after the monorail crash.


    I believe only in Disneyland. They stopped doing that at WDW.


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    I am 99% sure they no longer allow this at WDW. I actually thought they stopped it before the monorail crash, sometime after 9/11, but @sej101 is probably the guy to talk to :monorail:


    Thank you. I had thought it wasnt allowed anymore, but thought I’d ask in case I was wrong.


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    Yep, that’s correct. Ever since the crash in ’09, no riding in the cockpit. If you ask a CM or a Pilot, they will let you in and look around a bit if there’s enough time before takeoff. Disneyland you can still ride in the cockpit if 1) you ask and 2) the conditions are favorable.


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    Because the system is not recognized as a form of public trans, you can no longer ride in front. Nobody is allowed to ride with the driver on trains.


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    I remember riding in the front of the cabin on the :monorail: I still have the card but oh well it was fun anyway.


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    You can ride in the front in Disneyland. My family enjoyed this moment when we were there in November 2018. In WDW, you cannot ride in the front.


    Thank you all for your help. I have a friend that is taking her daughter for the first time and looking for those little out of the way moments. My kids loved doing that on our trips.


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    Here’s an idea, ask for some Monorail cards! Most of the Monorail CMs carry them and they’re a neat, free souvenir. ;)


    Thanks! I’ll pass that on.


    I still have a card somewhere, but I didn’t know that they still existed with the cast members. Will look into trying to get one more on my next trip. Thanks for the tip!


    My kids got to ride twice and my husband and I one time before they closed down riding in the front. I totally understand why they did, but it was such a thrill to be able to ride up front in the :monorail: and :wave: to everyone.


    We did it once back in the 90’s. It was a cool experience for sure!

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