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    bexruns 137 XP

    SEJ101 199 XP

    I’m a little saddened by this. One of my favorite easter eggs in the parks is when Disney re-uses props or animatronics within another attraction, like Harold in the Mission: BREAKOUT queue.

    But I need that Fuzzball animatronic :goofy:


    That. Looks. AMAZING! :cool:


    StupidJudy 55 XP

    OMG I would looooove to have the key cabinet! Or the elevator floor sign thing, I would place it on top of my front door!

    I am still kinda sad it’s gone in California. :(

    @snwhtndwrfs they do not have the lamp, I checked. ;)


    SnwhtNdwrfs 11 XP

    Oh but I need the lamp! I guess I will have to change the decor of my house- and maybe dust?


    bexruns 137 XP

    I’ll even take the hotel furniture! LOL


    Acamm 191 XP

    WOW! Yes… Please… I want it ALL! How awesome is this stuff!!! I’d especially want the furniture :up:


    Breesmommy5 51 XP

    I feel the same, that would be so cool !! I would love anything from it !

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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