Nov 7 – 14, 2022 – First Trip with 2 Kids Under 3 – Day 6

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    On the Saturday of our trip, with the Tropical Storm now far gone, the crowds returned to the parks. So did we. We began our day with the early start at Hollywood Studios. We rope-dropped Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. My parents had never been on it before, so we made it a priority. It also helped that it was one of very few attractions we could do with the kids. My parents really enjoyed it as I figured they would. After that we went to Galaxy’s Edge and actually did Rise of the Resistance :kylo: :stormtrooper: :rey: :fin: :bb8: with a 40-minute posted wait (actual wait 25) :surprised: We had to do rider switch for this one, but it was good to do this when we really weren’t expecting a short enough wait. But after this the gravy train ended pretty hard core. All the wait times jumped up to 1-hour plus (with the exception of shows). And when you have 2 kids under 3, waiting in line is not a great way to spend time. So we decided to do some shopping in Galaxy’s Edge. I got my lightsaber repaired from March 2021.

    Then we went toward MuppetVision 3D :animal: :sam: . Before going into the show (no real risk of that wait time going up), we spoke with Guest Services about our dissatisfaction of our visit to Epcot earlier in the week when all the rides broke down and, having invested in Genie+, we still didn’t get to do much because of that. We we respectful and for that, I believe, they gave us a complementary day of Genie+ for Magic Kingdom on Sunday. That’s really all we wanted and we were happy to get a second shot at the system free of charge. When we walked into MuppetVision 3D, we got there just in time to be let into the theater. Unfortunately Christy tripped while entering the row of chairs and carrying Ariel. Ariel was very shaken up, but only got a little bruised. Christy took an armrest to rib cage and it hurt bad. :( We talked to cast members and waited in the pre-show area to catch our bearings. We re-entered the show, but ultimately Ariel was still unhappy, probably due to her falling experience, and so Christy exited while the rest of us stayed through the show.

    We needed redemption after that experience, so we saw the Frozen Sing-a-long :elsa: :anna: :olaf: :snow: , which was holiday themed and the hosts (historians of Arendelle) were very on-point and better than I have ever seen in the past. It was a great show and Ariel really enjoyed it. Redemption now had, we went toward the exit, but Christy went to the First-Aid station to get her ribs checked out. She was told, as I believed she would be having my own first-hand experience with damaged bones, that with ribs, they seemed unbroken, definitely bruised. Either way with things still aligned all she could do was apply ice, take pain meds, and keep the tender area protected unless something further developed. Thankfully nothing did. She ultimately recovered well, but the area was tender for a while.

    Since wait times were sky high and there weren’t many things the kids could do with us anyway, we returned to Animal Kingdom Lodge for the rest of the day. We had no ADR’s so we cooked a meal in the room, rested, and of course, took some time for the pool and to see the animals around the savannah. It was a restful afternoon and evening following a too-eventful morning.


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    Wow, what a lucky shot at Rise! Good job! Man, I’m glad nothing was broken for Christy. That had to be scary for her, Ariel, and ultimately you! That was spreading some pixie dust by the CM’s at Guest Relations for sure. Good for them, taking ownership and doing what they could to make it right.

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