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    It’s always great when someone shares a wonderful experience they had with one of our sponsors! You all already know how awesome OTN has been to all of us! Well, a new addition to our sponsors is Kingdom Strollers.

    We are so happy to have someone report the following:

    “Just wanted to take a minute to share our experience with Kingdom Strollers last week. We ordered a city mini gt double (which is our everyday stroller) and requested a rain cover also. We were surprised to find that they included a cooler bag as well, even though we didn’t request it.
    The stroller was in great condition, pushed as easily as ours, and was clean. I was happy with it from the start.
    About halfway through our trip, {baby girl} got sick while at Epcot. I’m talking projectile vomit all over her and the stroller. It was a disaster and there was no way we would be able to get it clean.
    It was after 7pm, but my husband called them anyway to see if there was any chance they were still open. No one answered, but they did call back within a minute. After explaining the situation, the kingdom strollers employee made sure to ask if our daughter was okay and to see how she was feeling now. It was so nice of him to ask about her well being! He then told us to leave the dirty stroller with bell services and he would have a clean stroller waiting at our resort by 7:00am the next morning. Perfect.

    It was a seamless transaction and I was so happy with how friendly and caring they were. I highly recommend Kingdom Strollers for all of your rental needs!”

    Kingdom Strollers has stroller (and crib) rentals available for WDW area resorts! :up:


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    That is awesome customer service! Kudos to them! :up: Thanks for sharing that Chelle.


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    That’s fantastic customer service for sure!!!


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    It’s great to hear this! What a caring company! :up: :ears:


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    That fantastic! Props to Kingdom Strollers for caring customer service! :up:


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    Wow, they sound like a fantastic company! Good to know since I might be needing to rent from them one day in the not so distant future. :up: :up: Thanks for posting @chelle. :mickey: :minnie:

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