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    Well that surely is interesting looking. Not sure how I feel about it…. I guess they are really playing up that style of Mickey & Minnie with the new Mickey ride that is being built in the old Great Movie Ride building. I sure do miss the OLD DAYS of MGM Studios :heart:


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    I don’t think that’s a permanent change of logo, I think that’s just a promotional logo used primarily for merchandise, just like how Epcot added the wand and “2000” for the millennium on promotional material and merchandise. It’s cute but I prefer the classic Mickey and Minnie, for that park especially, over the new cartoon style


    oooooooookayyyyyy. :goofy:


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    I like the Logo they should put different characters for the 30th Anniversary. Soon i’ll be turning 30 before May arrives.


    I kinda like it. I’m glad Mickey and Minnie are on it.


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    It’s different, it looks old school to me but it’s not that bad ! I still miss :sorcerer:


    I like the text and all. Not sure about how Mickey and Minnie are drawn. I prefer the old MGM stuff. Thirty years…I remember being at the Magic Kingdoms 15 years celebration. :rabbit:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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