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    Thanks @Eagle90!
    I’ll be watching this later today, for sure!


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    I’m going to miss the original Splash. Although I LOVE Princess and the Frog, I’m sad to see it change. My family loves Splash, and it’s one ride we never miss on our trips. And I agree with @jamiedawn27, Princess and the Frog doesn’t fit in Frontierland. Like at all. New Orleans in the middle of the American Old West?


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    I am torn. I love splash and the characters. But as we keep saying, Disney is ever changing. While Princess was a good movie it’s just not in my top faves that think should have its own ride. But as long as they keep it colorful and keep all the drops and splashing I’m sure I’ll love it again :)


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    I didn’t agree with the reasoning of changing Pirates of the Caribbean a few years ago and as Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides, I really don’t agree with this one. There is a lot I could say but I don’t want to be that guy on this forum. I thought Disney over the years has done a great job distancing itself from “Song of the South” and I never rode Splash Mountain thinking the ride had racial overtones. In regards to Pirates, and who knows with the possibility of Peter Pan, Small World, Dumbo, etc….things are never perfect and sometimes far from it. But I firmly believe that if you erase history, you are doomed to repeat it. Use these as teaching moments.

    With that being said, Princess & the Frog is about the best choice there can be in re-imagining Splash Mountain while keeping the southern bayou theme. Can’t wait to ride it and I hope I enjoy it as much as the original.


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    I saw this coming. It is being called Racist Revisionism. Song of the South was a powder keg and to days society blew it up. That being said, I enjoyed Princess and the Frog. Although we are just trading African American for Acadian or Cajun.


    I love Princess and the Frog and am kinda looking forward to the re-do, but boy to I think Disney’s timing on this is garbage! Feels like they are caving and rewarding horrid behavior. Should have been done years ago. This feels like fuel to an already scorching fire to me. :smirk:


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    Found this at an antique store today. Bought it. Finished the movie last night so I figured I’d read the stories too.

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