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    “Disney will reduce park ticket prices for 2019…” :P

    Norway Pavilion


    The Norway pavilion will be expanded with Elsa’s Ice Palace roller coaster featuring Marshmallow the giant snowman


    Disney will open a smaller version of Epcot in the Midwest for all of us chilling out here in no-man’s land.


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    In an effort to increase available space, the Walt Disney Company plan to create a man-made island off the coast of Florida to create their very own 51st state

    Next person: Animal Kingdom


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    Disney has nixed Mickey’s Runaway Railway in favor of High School Musical: The Ride-Through, featuring your favorite scenes from all three HSM movies (plus a few extra scenes from Teen Beach Movie and TBM 2!)

    Next person (sorry @cdolan1990): Animal Kingdom.


    Animal Kingdom will remove all gates and let Disnry goers experience real life in the wild.

    Next person: Toy Story Land


    In Phase 2 of Toy Story Land there will be a dark ride through Sid’s room.

    Next Person Tomorrowland


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    Tomorrowland announces a retro-design for its 50th Anniversary, ironically resetting the area to the 1971 look.

    Next person: Monorail


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    To improve speed of the service, the monrail cars are to be replaced with carriages from the Rock’n’Roller coaster in late 2018 increasing top speed from 40 to 60mph :)

    Next Person: World Showcase


    World Showcase will be expanded to include a pavilion for Antarctica

    Next Person: Carsland

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 70 total)

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