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    Having followed Disney and Disney Merchandise for decades I know it goes thru swings of what I consider good merch and what I consider poor or not interesting merch. Right now it is on the “eh” side of the spectrum for me. It’s like they are just churning things out with little or no thought, I do understand they are catering to those 5,238,549 people with their 2.5 kids. But, heck I often find more compelling designs on ETSY.

    For me, my taste in merch tends to skew a to something more special, more thought out. For example, if I am going to get a t-shirt, to go with the 2,7000,000 other tees I have, it really has to speak to me, something possibly ride, or less current IP, related, I’m just saying Rocketeer and Roger Rabbit T-Shirts, the next Bitcoin. :gold: Really, merch wise, I currently I like the Art of Disney store, but is that really merch or art? Now, if they would have something like shirts or hats there, that would be cool. :cool: One example for me, I have been on the hunt for a really cool Mickey Hawaiian Shirt, to no avail.

    Your thoughts on Disney merch?


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    For me, like you, it goes in waves. Seems like I want everything or nothing. I definitely like things that stand out more, for example I’m currently wearing a t-shirt of Pixar characters that I bought at WDW. Anyone can get a Mickey Mouse t-shirt anywhere, but I love this shirt because I’ve never seen anything like it elsewhere. One type of Disney merch I really love is décor for my home, I have everything from paintings to fake succulents. I love Disney kitchenware too.

    I would say my niche is Disney Parks. I love park characters like :figment: and :ob: so I’m a sucker for any merch featuring either of them! I find it harder to resist ride merch vs general Disney characters, especially when Box Lunch has plenty of licensed Disney merch, it’s usually cheaper, and their sizing isn’t as hit or miss. But I would quickly grab an Expedition Everest tee or a Soarin’ backpack for example.

    Side note: I guess Disney thinks retail is dead and everything is online, but I have placed significantly fewer ShopDisney orders since my Disney Store closed. Disney’s sizing is all over the place, they don’t offer free returns, and now I can’t return to store. But I get shipping for $1 (or free if I spend $50) at Box Lunch, their sizing is more consistent, I can return to store, and they offer a loyalty program.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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