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    citrus swirl for me! :ob:


    B: Gran Fiesta Tour- just never gets old


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    Easy, has to be Living with the Land. I’m a nerd, love to learn. Living with the Land & Spaceship Earth are two of my favorite rides of all time


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    Living With The Land followed by the Behind The Seeds tour.


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    #54. Living with the Land


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    Living With the Land :up: :land:


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    D-COT Daily Disney Question #55 :minniebow:

    With Walt Disney World’s Announcement this week of a plan to reopen Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom July 11th, and Epcot & Hollywood Studios July 15th, when will you most likely go back to the parks?
    A: Summer 2020
    B: Fall 2020
    C: 2021
    D: 2022
    E: ???

    I plan on going this Summer 2020. I’m ok with wearing a mask in the parks. :minnie:


    Fall of this year IF there are no masks. I won’t be hassled with that. I can wait.


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    Had been planning a summer 2021 trip; will keep that as long as my kids can hug/high five the characters at that time. :)


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    #55: Right now I have a fall 2020 trip booked and we’re still planning on going, but haven’t ruled out canceling if we need to. I have such mixed feelings about it! :D


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    #55 – B, as long as the race isn’t cancelled. If it is, will assess at that time. Like Laura above I have mixed feelings about a regular trip right now. Not because of the masks….Disney’s parks, Disney’s property, Disney’s rules, but because the trip and experience may be so lessened with all the restrictions that the value for the dollar may not be there. Lots to look at, observe, and discuss as a family as they open over the next few months, and how they progress.


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    E: ???
    My guess is that Cast members will be blocked to help reduce the crowds. They’re supposed to be doing Cast previews beforehand though, so if we can grab one, we will just to see what it’s like and to see if it’s worth it. If not, who knows??? Like others have stated, very mixed feelings about the whole process :D


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    #55 – We are currently booked for Fall 2020. Not sure what we are doing yet. We are waiting to see how everything unfolds.


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    I’d like to say that it’ll be 2021, but more than likely it’ll be atleast 2022! :(


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    I’m super behind. SO busy with the move!

    50- People mover! Always! :minnie:
    51 – I think this is a no brainer for me. I LOVE :ariel: . The music :note: ! The mist! The animatronics! :minnie: :minnie:
    52- Tron. I love those movies!! Also, GOTG sounds like a lot of spinning *barf-a-rooni* for me.
    53- Flag Ceremony. Always gives me a great feeling.
    54- Gran Feista Tour – Love it.
    55 – Supposed to be in 295 days… March 2021. We will wear masks. I have no problems with that. My son has a comprised immune system and we are especially careful anyway. We are not unaccustomed to wearing masks, gloves, etc for his health.

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