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    So the plan for day 2 was to get up early and get to Animal Kingdom for rope drop to get in line for Flight of Passage, they were letting people in before the 9am opening, the line for FoP was all the way to Africa (wooden bridge walkway) and wrapped back around, the posted wait time was something like 250 minutes, I was a bit bummed, we did not want to wait this long! But by the time the park actually opened and they let people in the actual queue, it moved up pretty quick and I think we ended up waiting 1h15 or something like that. Can I just say that this ride is AMAZING!? I had a hard time keeping my goggles on my face, they kept wanting to fly off! LOL This ride really makes you feel like you are in Pandora, just WOW! The hour we spent waiting was actually great, we got to take it all in, when you use FP you skip the lab part which was pretty cool.

    After FoP we had a FP for Na’vi River, I had heard this one was just okay but I really enjoyed it, probably would not want to wait an hour for it but with a FP it was great! Before Na’vi we grabbed some Pongu Lumpia (yum!), a viper claw and the boys had some Night Blossom slushies. Afterwards we had lunch at Satu’li Canteen, enjoyed it so much we ate there again on our second AK day! We tried a bunch of different bowl combinations, the fish with rice, beef with potato hash and chicken with kale romaine salad. My favorite was the chicken with the kale salad, tasty!

    After our visit of Pandora we headed towards Dinoland, for Dinosaur and our FP for Primeval Whirl, we laugh so much on this spinny ride, it’s a favorite! By mid afternoon the weather got rainy, and rainier, we got our ponchos on and headed to Maharajah Jungle Trek to see if the baby tigers were out but they weren’t, a CM told us they are out in the morning only. So we decided to check out Kilimanjaro Safaris, it was a fun safari even in the rain! Fewer animals were out and about but it was still a fun experience. We spent a long time watching the gorillas at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trails, they were hilarious! A couple of three year old baby gorillas were really playful and made everyone laugh.

    Our initial plan was to maybe stay and watch Rivers of Light and then go check in to Coronado but the rain wasn’t letting up. We decided to use our last FP for Everest and then head out, but since there was no line for Everest, we ended up riding it maybe 5 times, in the rain, we got slap happy by this point and took all sorts of funny ride photos. We were DRENCHED. But it wasn’t cold so we were fine. After all those rides we were getting a little nauseous so we decided it was time to go.

    We drove to Coronado and checked-in, went up to the room, changed into some dry clothes, aaahhhh, unpacked our Garden Grocers order (will definitely use them again!) and went down to Pepper Market for dinner, I had the turkey burger, it was just okay, very salty. Matthew had the Mexican rice bowl which he enjoyed, Alex had a burger with potato wedges. I was a bit disappointed in the offerings at Pepper Market, I felt as if there was more selection at the values? We only ate at the resort once.

    Back to the room to unpack, take hot showers, hang up all our wet clothes and off to bed! Day 3, Epcot, Festival of the Arts!


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    Some photos from Day 2!



    Great pictures


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    What fun! I am so glad you had a good time even with the liquid sunshine! You guys made it a great day! :up:


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    Coronado :heart:

    Glad you had fun even in the rain! I love Navi River! It’s not as amazing as FoP but it’s not the same type of ride. I wouldn’t wait an our for Navi River, but there’s very few things I would wait that long for. FoP is incredible! I couldn’t believe it! :up:


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    1 hour 15 min for FoP is not bad. :up:
    The Night Blossom is amaaaazing! :heart: :mint:
    I am really confused why people enjoy Primeval Whirl. To each his own.
    The nice thing about rain at DAK is that lots of people leave and just about everything is open! :heart:
    Five times for Everest?!?! Count me in!


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    Sorry about the rain but 5x on EE makes it worth it! Glad FoP worked out for you as well.

    I have a funny story about Primeval Whirl. We were on it once and it spun so fast Jenna somehow slammed her elbow into the side and was crying the rest of the ride. As we were exiting the ride and walking down the exit ramp, she was still crying and through her tears said, “Can we ride it again?”


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    @ferg haha! Poor thing, it can be a rough ride, we reflected on that after riding it two times in a row, can’t decide if this ride is fun or just painful LOL I just love when you catch the curve just right and it spins you around good! Or when you go down the hill backwards! After two rides in a row we decided that was enough whirling for one day!

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