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    Nice! :up: :cool:


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    Awe man! I wanted to experience Hyper Space Mountain. :(.


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    Cool !!!


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    I’m conflicted. I wish they were leaving it as Hyperspace through the summer (since we’re going in August) but I AM excited to get the classic back.


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    Just in time for their upcoming 40th anniversary, two years a part after Disney World’s Space Mountain. I wonder what merchandise will they release? I love this Disneyland classic attraction.


    Thank goodness! I mean I love star wars don’t get me wrong, but the classic version of Space Mountain is awesome!!


    I’ll be making my second trip to Disneyland from May 22nd through the 28th. Will the rehab be after this time period? I personally don’t mind which version I experience, as long as it’s open! :D


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    Hey @themeparkrider, it says it returns June 1, so to me that means the ride might be down for refurb when you’re there :( Fingers crossed it’s open for you!


    I checked out the official website. It’s not listed for rehab until the 30th, so I’m hoping that this is true! Come to think of it, its probably a fairly quick transition. At least in theory.


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    True, it’s really just all the music and projections. Still hoping you get to see the classic version. Keep us posted how it goes.


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    I really did love the Hyperspace Mountain version. In fact, when it came out, I extended my trip by two days just so I could catch it! But I’m glad the original is coming back. The music is perfect and there’s no Admiral Ackbar constantly talking your ear off.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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