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    Christmas Event 2017 - 10 Days of Giving

    :santamickey: Christmas Event 2017 – 10 Days of Giving :santamickey:

    I am extremely excited to announce our very first event on D-COT! Starting on December 15th I will reveal something fun and new each day. Tink :tink: is going to help me by sharing her pixie dust with us. Thanks, Tink! I will be updating this forum thread daily with the new item(s). :chest: :coin: Don’t forget :dory: to come back! :pooh:

    Make sure you reply to this thread with an answer to the following question because on one of the days I will be selecting random winners from this thread’s replies.

    Real or Fake Tree? :tree:

    10: ~10% off in the shop + free shipping with code CHEERdc5a0f
    9: Coupon Codes worth 50 points: I will be choosing 9 random names from the list of guests who replied to this thread later today. Winners will receive a private message from me with the code. You can redeem it in your dashboard.
    8: 8 new songs in the jukebox!

    Tokyo Disneyland – Toontown – Christmas Area Loop
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Echo Lake – Christmas Area Loop
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Sunset Seasons Greetings Area Loop
    Grand Floridian – Christmas Area Loop
    Disney’s California Adventure – Sunshine Plaza – Christmas Area Loop 2002-2010
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Backlot – Star Tours The Adventures Continue ~ Queue Loop
    Disney’s California Adventure – Paraside Pier – California Screamin
    Magic Kingdom – Parades & Shows – Kiss Goodnight

    7: :olaf: One-time Christmas 2017 XP Booster Spin (
    6: 6 new supporter-only emojis. :willie: :minnie2: :oswald: :sorcerer: :yensid: :8bit: Cool!

    5: Want to use those supporter-only emojis? Bam! Day 5 takes $5 off the supporter status. Get yours today!

    4: Day 4 brings the first supporter-only emoji pack: hats!
    3: Day 3 I will be choosing three random people from this thread to win 2 months of supporter status. I will be doing this later tonight. Good luck!

    The winners are: Grumpytude, RIDisneyPinGuy and Michi1027. Congrats! Your supporter status will be updated on January 1, 2018. :santamickey: :stocking: If you are already a supporter, 2 months will be added to your account.

    2: As a thank you to the members that joined D-COT when it all began, you can use a special emoji to show your early adopter status! :dcot: The early adopter tag has been given to members that joined on or before December 31st, 2010.

    1: For day 1, I will be selecting one random person from this thread to receive one-year supporter status on me. The drawing will be tonight. Good luck!


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    Fake. My mom is allergic to pine, so we never had one growing up :tree: .


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    Personally, I like fake trees. My favorite fake tree is the Tree of Life. Real trees tend to cause messes…


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    Artificial, even growing up, but my grandma always had a real one in her house.


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    I would do fake, but my husband loves real, so real it is every year!! :)


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    Real!!! but of course we have a fake one because of our dog :pluto: and THANK YOU!!! such a cool idea, I’ll try checking in from Disney to see what you and Tink are up to!


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    Mickey says they use artificial trees so the real ones can stay in the forest where they grew up.

    But I can only use real ones.There’s just something about the experience, the smell, and everything.


    Fake. As much as I’d love a real tree it’s so much easier. :goofyhat:


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    We love both! Depends each year how we feel. :santamickey:


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    Fake, I have two (soon three) fake trees of different color, size and shape! :tree: :tree: :tree:


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    How much do you guys want to be one of the new items being unveiled is the Train and Monorail emojis? LOL :goofy:

    Fake trees for me. This is mainly due to my mom’s and mine environmental allergies. We don’t do well with pines. But we do have an ornament that makes it smell like pine!…. it doesn’t work though LOL LOL :tree:

    Thanks, Steve!!!!! :figment:


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    Real. Love the smell of White Pine in the house! Thankfully none of us are allergic. :tree:


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    We have a fake tree currently. It is several years old and has served us well.

    We are in the market for a new one, but can’t find one that really looks nice.


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    Real tree! :tree: Growing up we always had fake and it made just as much mess getting it down from the attic every year with the fake pines falling off and dust everywhere. And it was always a pain to assemble and break down. I love the smell of a real tree and it’s easier to just throw out than shove up in the attic. And saves space! Downside for me is the sap, yuck!


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    Always a real tree…frasier fir.

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