Something Special for Us Disney Fans

An empty Magic Kingdom

Tomorrow morning we will wake up knowing that all the Disney Parks are closed. There will be no reporting on what’s new in merchandise or food. The bloggers and vloggers will not have as much content to share. Checking the MDE app for park hours tomorrow shows us this sad sight:

Disney Parks Closed

D-COT is going to do something new tomorrow; something different. We love that you all enjoy listening to your favorite Disney songs in the jukebox. Starting tomorrow at 9am EST we will live stream Disney Parks music on either YouTube Live or Facebook Live*. We will have a strategic playlist set up so we can all enjoy the parks together. There is no end time for the streams; we will see how far the magic takes us. 馃榾

Live Stream Schedule

Monday (3/16/2020)
Magic Kingdom Park 9AM EST

Tuesday (3/17/2020)
Epcot 9AM EST

Wednesday (3/18/2020)
Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9AM EST

Thursday (3/19/2020)
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park 9AM EST

Friday (3/20/2020)
The Best Area Loops at Walt Disney World

Monday (3/23/2020)
Disneyland Park 9AM EST

Tuesday (3/24/2020)
Disney’s California Adventure 9AM EST

Wednesday (3/25/2020)
Disney Parks Around the World 9AM EST

Thursday (3/26/2020)
Disney Resorts 9AM EST

Friday (3/27/2020)
Disney Holidays 9AM EST

*All streams are subject to change. There is a possibility of downtime due to internet issues during the stream; please be patient.



  1. I love this. Thank you so much @steve!!!!

  2. Love this!!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Love this!
    I was going to play the park bench vids on YouTube but this is better! Commercial free!!!!!
    :heart: :)

  4. This is so great! I鈥檒l try to join it as I can today. Lots of meetings today, though…

  5. This is wonderful! Happy news in a sad time

  6. Seriously enjoying this so much. Thank you!

  7. Thank you Steve for the schedule lineup. At least we can escape from the parks instead.

  8. Thank you so much !! I love listening !! :) :)

  9. I am enjoying this – thanks! :)

  10. mine keeps dropping out, I will try again in a few. listening to epcot on the jukebox to keep in the mood :)

  11. Such a great idea!

  12. hey @steve can you just put the link here to the youtube channel? i keep losing it and i am not on FB.

  13. Can鈥檛 find today鈥檚 live stream. YouTube or Facebook?

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