New Moderators

It is with all smiles that I announce the promotion of two D-CoT members, starbee and eeyorepoohfan. These two lovely souls are joining the ranks of Nascfan as moderators. They both have shown an incredible amount of support to the community.

Let’s put our hands together in congratulating them! :clap:


  1. Congrats ladies!! You totally deserve this! :blush:

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! There are no two more deserving members than these fine ladies!! :) :up: :up: :ears:

  3. Yahoo! As mentioned above, there couldn’t be two more deserving people than these wonderful ladies! I personally welcome both with open arms to the moderator ranks! Congratulations ladies! :up: :clap: :mbar: :dole: :mbar: :dole: treats for you both!

  4. Awe!! Thank you so much! Sorry, I was at WDW when this announcement was made! (Steve did let me know ahead of time though). Just getting back to reality now. It was a great honor to be asked! I hope I make you all proud! :)

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