The New D-CoT

Welcome to the new D-CoT. :cool: This has been a long time coming and has been in the works for over a year. I am so excited to finally launch this into your hands. Before I get into what is new and what I have planned, let me take you down memory lane for a little bit. Go grab yourself a Mickey Bar :mbar:, Dole Whip :dole: and/or Turkey Leg :turkey: and get comfortable. :)

The History of D-CoT

Nine years ago I had the idea to create a Disney informational website. As Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” This type of site was not going to be the first one of its kind, but I was determined to make it different than the rest; make it better. I worked tirelessly on gathering information with the help of my cousin John. The site started to gain little traction; I had to go back to the drawing board.

During this time I was listening to theme park music on other various sites that streamed the music on ShoutCast. I loved being able to listen to the music behind the magic when I could not be in the parks. There was one thing that was bugging me though… I could not listen to the music I wanted to hear when I wanted to hear it.

A light went off. :surprised:

I was determined to come up with a way to allow this website’s members to stream on-demand theme park music. I began coding what would become a one-of-a-kind website. It took me months of many, many hours to get the first version ready for public consumption. *click* The site was live and I waited to see who would try it out.

Wow! The result was amazing and I knew that I had something here. As the site gained traction I kept on adding more and more features to the site to keep it fresh and the members loved it :heart:. I licensed the website and “let it go” :p .

Version 8

What you’re looking at here is the 8th version of the website. It is on a new platform which will allow me to keep it frequently updated, allowing for better security. What’s new?

  • Badges
    In the previous site members gained achievements and now they are called badges. Once achieved, these are displayed on your profile page.
  • Limited Listening
    Non-supporters will have 80 hours a month of listening time and supporters will have unlimited.
  • Custom Playlists
    All supporters can create unlimited customized playlists. Non-supporters will still have their favorites playlist and capped the same which is 10 slots per experience level.
  • Photos
    Your existing photo albums are accessible on your profile, but they will be considered legacy and only your pals can view them. You will no longer be able to comment, edit or add to them. I am using Amazon S3 cloud hosting for the new photos you upload so it does not affect the dedicated server’s hard drive space.


What’s Planned

Imagine you’re listening to Disney theme park music along with your pals but you want to listen to the same song at the same time… I’m going to try and make that possible. As another perk to being a supporter, you will be able to create a lobby and invite your pals to join you in a theme park journey of music. As a lobby leader you will be in charge of what songs are played and when they are played. I will call it D-CoT Sync.

I plan to have a more active social media presence for D-CoT on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Be sure to click those links and follow.

I hope you enjoy the new version of D-CoT. Please share your comments below.

Steve is the founder and administrator of D-COT. If anything breaks on the site, @TheSwedishChef is the founder and administrator.


  1. I’m unable to see the site. I’m a supporter. All I see is a quote from Walt. I’m on an iPhone. Is there a mobile site issue?

    • Hi, dfielder! I was in the middle of switching the site to the new platform. You should be all set now.

  2. Howdy Steve,

    The new site looks great so far! I am happy to see all the growth over the past few years. You really do have a great thing going here!!!

    Keep moving forward!

  3. Loving the new site! And really enjoyed hearing the story of how the site came to be! So thankful that you pursued your dream Steve and have brought together such a vibrant online community!

  4. I signed up to be a supporter – but it is not allowing me to have my full jukebox favorites list. Help….

  5. Sorry to pile on. Steve,
    I received an email today that stated my supporter status was about to expire but my profile (which matches my date) states June 5, 2017. Is this correct?

  6. I feel silly asking this but I can’t seem to figure out how to play music. I can see the song list but clicking on a song doesn’t do anything.

    • Hi Allison! What browser are you using? When you go to the jukebox, on the left-hand side there is a tab that says “Playlists”. If you click on that a drawer slides out with a list. Once you click on a playlist, the song list will load in the main area. After you click on a song title, the music should start to play. Where are you running into an issue?

      • Thanks.for the help. It is working now.

      • Hi Steve, Since the update my Jukebox does not pull up any song titles to choose from. I am able to see the playlist on the left, but no matter which one I select it does not load the playlist. Does this just mean I’m over my 80 hours this month? I do listen a lot… :)

        • You’re probably using IE 8,9,10 or 11. Upgrade to IE Edge or use a better browser like Chrome/Firefox. I am looking into the older IE browser issue. Thanks!

  7. I was wondering how to shuffle my favorites now.

    • This is fixed. Please let me know if you can shuffle them now.

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