With the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic there is a lot of uncertainty and concern in the community. D-COT will remain in operation as we navigate the rough waters that are ahead together.

We encourage you to follow guidance from the World Health Organization, such as staying home if you’re sick, washing your hands frequently, and taking steps to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our communities safe.



  1. Thanks Steve. As always this place is where we can escape and find our happy place :)

  2. Thanks! I love to come here to relax and escape. Today we are getting emails from our administration to start preparing home lessons for kids, in case we have to close. Right now the Department of Health isn’t recommending that we close yet, but we’re getting prepared. The problem up here is that a lot of areas don’t have high-speed internet, or access to internet at all, so we have to prepare paper packets and home lessons, instead of digital ones. We’re supposed to start preparing them and getting them ready, but not send them home yet…so there’s a lot of confusion and stress and anxiety around here among the teachers, but they’re trying to just move forward like normal to not set the kids off…it’s a weird vibe here today. :(

    • Oh no! I haven’t heard anything here in Florida yet. I can’t imagine the stress levels you have today. :(

    • they are talking about this for NJ right now too. I work for a community center and church and its just crazy to think we have to close our programs down, and not even try to figure out how to pay our employees if this escalates since we are non-profit and grant funded, life will def be posing challenges the next several weeks. but like you said, this is our place for escape, thank goodness Steve!

  3. Thank you, Steve!! I’m so grateful for the little escape D-Cot gives me from all the craziness going on!! :heart:

  4. Please send help! I’m stuck at home with 2 kids age 11 and everything is closed!

  5. Thank goodness you cannot get a virus through the internet………. Wait……

  6. Thanks, Steve for everything you do! D-cot definitely takes my mind off all the crazy stuff that’s going on out there right now! :heart: :dcot: :up:

  7. This is the place to escape Disney World, stay healthy everybody.

  8. Thank you for everything you do @steve
    I foresee A LOT of D-Cot in my future.

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