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I’m in for the meet up for coffee too!
I just want to put out a friendly weather reminder for everyone racing! Now is the time to go stock up on various things for race days! Marathon weekend is notorious for having a huge swing of options for temps! It has been known to change from the forecast with no notice as well! So my friendly suggestion is to pack for pretty much all seasons! Shorts, tanks, t-shirts, capris, full length tights, winter tights, long sleeve shirts, Omni Heat long sleeves, MYLAR BLANKETS (plan enough for covering arms and legs, I was wear two at once for 2 mornings! Remember to throw your mylar to the side of the corral before crossing the start line, if you don’t your chip might not get read properly), throw away gloves (numerous pairs, I get them for $2-3 at Target, I even wore 2 pairs at once since it was so cold), Long socks (cut the toes off of them and they are cheap and disposable arm warmers you can chuck during the races), hand warmer packets, ear covers/warmers, cooling cloths (if it’s hot, keep them in your back pocket and soak them wet at a water station), hat, sun visor, sunglasses, at least 2 pairs of shoes specifically for races only plus extra shoes for the parks, clear ponchos for the start if it’s raining and you don’t want to get too soaked, double the amount of electrolytes/Tailwind and energy chews that you think you will need in flavors you know you like (you don’t want to worry about running low, extra water bottle just in case one gets lost, extra safety pins for your bib, sunscreen (even though you start in the dark, the sun will be up during the half and the full. The med stations sometimes have extra sunscreen, BioFreeze, Vaseline and salt tablets). Okay, that’s all I can think of right now! My other strong recommendation since pretty much everyone is flying, be sure to pack at least 2 running outfits that cover a variety of weather options in your carry on bag, along with water bottles, holders, nutrition, etc. The last thing you want is your race bag to get checked and lost for a day or two! You can rewear gear if need be, but be sure to take it in your carry on! Ryan and I also mix our suitcases that we check. So I put half my stuff in a suitcase and he does the same. Then we put the other half in the other suitcase. That way if one gets delayed, we have enough clothes and gear for a few days! Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions or for suggestions! I’m happy to help! Oh, don’t forget your earbuds, chargers, etc! ;)

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