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30 November

The weather forecast from earlier in the week got a whole lot better for our long distance run today. The rain and wintry mix was postponed to Sunday/Monday. We ended up running in temps between 36* and 42* with partly sunny skies and low wind. That’s about as good as you can expect around here for late November! :) With my dad driving us to and from the rail trail and stopping so we can replenish water at a couple of points, we started our run at the MD/PA state line. We ran the 20 miles all the way to York, PA (home of my college alma mater and delicious peppermint patties). Along the way we passed a genuine steam train with passengers at a station. Then later, it passed us LOL and then we passed it again as it was stopped at a tree farm :tree: up the track a ways. I’m happy to say my IT band didn’t give me any trouble! We got to mile 14 before the normal types of soreness heavily set in. We finished in 4:31:39 for a pace of 13’35″/mile! :up: :up: :up: :up:

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This gave us quite a confidence boost for the Dopey Challenge! We feel really good about it, but we’ll continue to train just the same :) We have 18 training events to go before Dopey, including: 11 Paced Runs, 5 Distance Runs, and 2 Walks! :oswald: :pluto: :donald: :) :minnie: :goofy: :dopey:

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