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Last night’s run was rough! The weather was 65* which sounded perfect so I was happy to have one less cold winter run. I took Leia and we went for a run in the neighborhood. What I didn’t know was, it was super windy! I set out and it was 15 mph winds, kinda hard to breathe but I pushed through. About mile 2 it really started to get bad. My eyes were streaming with the wind making them water, leaves were blowing into my legs and face, Leia was freaking out with trash can lids, flag poles, and wind chimes blowing like crazy and making noises that scared her. Poor thing. By mile 3 she kept stopping and did not want to keep going but there was only one way home! We pushed through and made it but those winds picked up to 21 mph by the time we were done and that was headwind! :surprised: it wasn’t cold, but the wind made it hard to breathe and I was a little worried Leia would get knocked into the street it was so strong! Still somehow I was able to knock out a killer pace that I haven’t seen in a while :up:

Time: 42:48
Distance: 4.00 miles
Pace: 10’41”

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