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I wanted to share about an app that I found yesterday. It’s called Road ID and it’s free. You use the app to keep people informed when you’re running. You can set up to 5 contacts and whenever you start a run within the app, it texts those contacts to let them know you’re out running. It also provides a link so they can track your run in real time. When you end your run it texts your contacts again and tells them you’re done. There is also an optional emergency alert. If you turn that on, it will send you a warning if you don’t move for 5 minutes. You will have 10 seconds to respond to that warning that you’re okay, otherwise, it will text your contacts to let them know you’ve stopped moving and give your location.

Now that it’s dark most of the day, I am super nervous about running outside. I downloaded and used the app yesterday and it’s fantastic! It makes me feel a little better about running knowing that if something happens (and it could be anything from tripping and falling to worse things like getting hit by a car or God forbid meeting an assailant) my contacts will know exactly where I am and if I’m in trouble. I thought I would share this with you all :)

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