Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Walt Disney World Facts – Part 3!


Do you love Walt Disney World Trivia?  Do you love odd Walt Disney World Facts?  Are you the Walt Disney World Expert in your circle of friends?  If you answered YES to all three of those questions, then you are going to ace this week’s quiz!   Because our previous 2 quizzes were so popular,you  can take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Walt Disney World Facts – Part 3!

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Acamm is one of our contributors to D-COT. She helps provide fun and exciting quizzes every week for you to enjoy! Check out our social media pages to see some of her posts too.


  1. Oh dear, i let my self down once again with my knowledge of WDW restaurants has let me down again! Great quiz @acamm

    • You just need to eat at more WDW restaurants!!! :D :cool: I’ll come with you!! ;)

  2. Wow. I AM NOT the Disney Fan I thought I was. Way to prove that, @acamm LOL

  3. I did not do so great :( but it was a great quiz thank you! :D :up: :up:

  4. Phew.. that was a tough one!!! :surprised:

  5. Can’t wait to see the Godzilla animatronic in Everest when they switch it back to A mode

  6. those old epcot questions killed me! fun quiz though!!

  7. Man. Low score, BUT I got the last “Disney expert” question right so that makes up for it right? LOL

  8. Ugh started out so strong then failed towards the end! thanks for another fun one!!

  9. It’s funny how you think you know everything about Disney….and then you take one of these tests. LOL :P

  10. Yes! Same here! I thought….”ooh I’m acing this one”, and all of the sudden Kraft comes along and it was all downhill from there! lol

  11. Hubby said “GM and Chevrolet are the same thing…it’s a trick question!” LOL

    • I totally thought the same thing! And went with GM. Cause you know, it’s the bigger name!

  12. Yes! I said Nestle as well! Where the heck have we seen that Nestle emblem then? I also said GM because it always was GM. When did that change?? :D

    • It was Nestle but not when the park originally opened in 1982. Then it was Kraft. Nestle came later

  13. Ugh… I don’t pay attention to sponsors…. And I sooooo thought it was Billy. I even recall hearing Buzzy say the name Billy. My brain is getting fuzzy in my old age. LOL

  14. I LOVED CRANIUM COMMAND! :wol: :heart:

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