Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Walt Disney Villains!


There’s a saying that goes, “The hero of your story is only as great as your villain.” Ever since the first Disney film, there have ALWAAAAYS been villains crashing the hero’s party. Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Walt Disney Villains!

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  1. Villains are my favorite! :)

  2. I was thinking in dragon form….. damn

  3. Wooohooo!! How very TWISTED of youuuuu!!! :jafar:

  4. :heart: :heart: Love this one! Now I want to watch some old movies!

  5. Another great quiz, thank you :D

  6. I put Frodo for Hunchback’s villain. I even said the right name aloud, I’m just super tired :pooh:

  7. I love the villains. I got 8 out of 10…not bad. :)

  8. Stupid green skin! I thought she was white and only green in the evil light. Hey…I was half right, Angelina Jolie was white. LOL

  9. Too easy to quiz the villains.

  10. Hooray! :yensid: :ursela: :apple: :jafar: :mal:

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