Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Epcot Germany Pavilion!

On October 1, 1982, Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center opened with five Future World pavilions and nine World Showcase Pavilions — Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, American Adventure, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Canada.
Located along the World Showcase Lagoon, the Epcot Germany Pavilion is full of authentic German merchandise, food, and music. Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Epcot’s Germany Pavilion!

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  1. German sausages are the Wurst :goofy: :pluto:

  2. Not my best quiz lol Guess I need to spend more time in Germany!

  3. Yeah, i totally didn’t know these.

  4. I knew about 8, and had lucky guesses on two haha. I’ll take it :)

  5. Not bad LOL

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