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    joshsprincess gained an experience level 2 months ago

    I went from level 9 to level 10

    • Congrats and welcome to double digits! :dole: :dole: :mbar: :mbar:

    • [Alan Jackson- Don’t Rock the Jukebox]
      Don’t rock the Jukebox, I gotta have my tunes
      When it’s not workin’, I surely get the blues
      Gotta have my EPCOT, and the Studios
      So don’t rock the Jukebox, play me a Disney song.
      I love the Disney music, and it’s on my mind
      When it ain’t playin’, well I cry inside
      I get down and lowly, till it comes back up
      So get the Jukebox playin, as I drink my cup!

    • Congratulations! :ears:

    • Congrats :up: :clap:

    • hooray!!! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

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