• jejpDisney gained an experience level 5 days, 17 hours ago

    I went from level 71 to level 72

    • Way to go :D

    • Congrats! :animal:

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    • [John Waite- Missing You]
      Every time I listen, it always takes me back
      But I’m still sitting here, and you’re miles away
      And I’m wondering, why I left
      And there’s a storm that’s ragin’
      Through my broken heart tonight……
      I hear your name, here on D-COT
      And it always make me smile
      I spend some time, dreamin’ about you
      And I post, how much I miss you
      And now my heart is breakin’
      On the D-COT boards tonight
      Oh I’m missing Disney World!
      Since I’ve been gone, alright
      Yeah, I’m missing Disney World
      No matter, I’m going back!