The Loco Coco Rumors

All the rumors following possible Coco additions to the parks.

In 2017, Pixar released the movie Coco which was rooted in Mexican culture and Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). The film was very successful, especially in Mexico, so understandably Coco was added to the parks in a few ways. This included the Plaza de la Familia overlay of Paradise Garden Grill in Disney California Adventure, a new art exhibit in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, and even a parade float in the upcoming Magic Happens parade in Disneyland. All of these were well received, but what about the idea of a ride?

Disney Imagineering could certainly be working thanks to some evidence. Imagineering revealed a new website to coincide with the release of the Imagineering Story on Disney+ and with it came plenty new photos. One of these (pictured above), included the Imagineers wearing VR headsets on a vehicle. To the left, a computer shows what the Imagineers can see and if you look closely you’ll find a skull similar to that of one found on Marigold Grand Central Station, a location found in the Land of the Dead in Coco. So what could Disney be thinking of doing? There are a few rumors, of course.

The obvious rumor is Epcot. Rumors of Coco coming to claim the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros have been around ever since Coco came out. While there has been no news yet, the ride would have to remain a boat ride. If Disney wanted to switch to a different ride system, it would have to shut down a good portion of the Mexico pavilion including the San Angel Inn, a restaurant which is operated by a third party company. Even if they were to stick to a boat ride overlay, rumors say that the chance of this happening is still low.

Another possibility is the addition of a Coco dark ride to Disney California Adventure. There is no indication of where the ride would go or what ride system it would use.

And I know this is ridiculous, but I have to bring it up. There was a small rumor that a Coco takeover will occur on the Haunted Mansion. There is no way this could occur at either Disneyland’s or Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion, and the reasoning is simple: thematic integrity. Both Haunted Mansion’s sit in distinctly themed lands, New Orleans Square and Liberty Square. Coco has a Mexican setting, so it wouldn’t belong in either lands. The only real connection to Coco and the Haunted Mansion is that it deals with dead people.

Whatever happens (which will definitely not be the Haunted Mansion one), it’ll be interesting to follow. And as always, don’t shoot the messenger. If you do, you better remember me. 馃構

SEJ101 is one of our contributors to D-COT and finds all the juicy gossip going on at Disney.


  1. how could we ever forget you?? ;) ;) I have to say I still have not seen the whole movie. i watched about the first 15 minutes and then forgot to go back and finish, shame on me. But I still need to see it, from what i hear it was awesome and would have so many fun elements to put in a park somewhere :)

    • You’re so sweet :heart: It’s on Disney+!!! I’d recommend it :) Just maybe bring some tissues

  2. I would love any kind of ride for this BUT I would prefer it be something brand new, rather than replace something or have it be an overlay. Frontierland at DL already kind of does a Dia de los Muertos type thing but honestly there’s no real space there to put in another ride. Interesting to see what they will do with this idea.

  3. We would like to see a new ride all together so Imagineering can do their magic, but guess we will have to wait and see….:)

  4. Curious, what about the Haunted Mansion in France? It is Old West themed and could possible be themed to Coco

    • Yeah but Phantom Manor is quite popular and have you seen what happens when you go against the popular in France? LOL

  5. I am honestly not too sure how I feel about these rumors? I would also definitely prefer new than to change something else. This really is such a good movie though and it would be fun to see it come to life somehow.

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