Muppets in Space

New Muppet show might be coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, similar to the one in Magic Kingdom.

Muppet-Vision 3D

In 2017, a closed off portion of Streets of America was not demolished and would be re-imagined into Grand Avenue, absorbing Muppet Courtyard into the area as well. Believed to be a load bearing wall for Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, the strip of buildings includes Baseline Tap House and several storefronts for guests to look in. Due to this nature, guests often pass by without taking a glance, simply on their way to Muppet Vision 3D, Mama Melrose, or soon, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. But what if something were to draw their attention?

Liberty Square Muppets

Over in Magic Kingdom, another Muppet show has drawn plenty of attention to Liberty Square. The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History is a popular show in which actual puppets are used in the upper level windows of two Liberty Square buildings. The show is humorous and popular with guests, running several times a day since 2016.

Star Wars Muppets

Despite constant rumors that Muppet Courtyard will shut down in the midst of Star Wars Land, rumor has it that a show similar to The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History will appear in the upper levels of Grand Avenue. The plot for this show would involve the Muppets recreating moments from the Star Wars franchise. It would be a clever tie-in since the Muppet area is surrounded by both Star Tours and Galaxy’s Edge. Several toys have also portrayed the Muppets as Star Wars characters, making assigning roles easier.


The more Muppets, the merrier. It also wouldn’t make much sense for Disney to shut down the Muppets area. Disney spent a ton of money remodeling the area into Grand Avenue and converting Pizza Planet to PizzeRizzo. Mama Melrose is also in this corner, a popular sit-down restaurant. Muppet Vision has also received a lot of attention. It seems anymore, every show is packed! Despite this, the hours have been reduced for both PizzeRizzo and Muppet Vision. PizzeRizzo is also classified as Seasonal, closing down right before last Christmas and re-opening in May. We’ll see where the future takes us. And remember, don’t shoot the messenger. You couldn’t hit me with… A CANNON?!?! O_____O

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  1. Muppet Star Wars combo would be amazing!

  2. I would LOVE this!!!! Years ago the Muppet Show used to do a skit called Pigs In Space with miss Piggy and her two cohorts (can’t recall names but one is Han Solo above :) ) and that was one of my faves, so a Star Wars muppets would be perfect!!!

  3. Muppets are fun. Definitely could have a bigger presence in the parks. A SW tie-in would be fun to see.

  4. “Hey everybody – he’s got a cannon!!!!” LOL my family and I quote this show all the time ;)

    I can see where this rumor is coming from, but personally I think it’s only rumors.

    • Well it is a rumor article. As cool as it would be, I don’t see it happening

      • I know it’s a rumor article :) but sometimes they pan out. Just giving my two cents that I definitely think this will stay a rumor

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