It’s the End of Dinoland as We Know It

Dinoland U.S.A. has been a part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom since opening. Currently, the land houses the E-Ticket attraction, DINOSAUR, as well as a wild mouse coaster, a play area themed to a dig site, and Finding Nemo – The Musical. The land is also hosting Donald and his Duck friends due to the claim that ducks are descendants of dinosaurs. Dinoland is often viewed as one of the worst lands to exist due to its fairground theme, something regarded as “un-Disney” to many. However, 20 years later and it still stands, despite numerous rumors surrounding its demise.

One possible rumor dates back to the conception of Dinoland. When the park was being planned, the budget could only afford one of two lands, Dinoland or Beastly Kingdom. Dinoland eventually won by cutting one of their rides for the land, this ride being a roller coaster. The coaster was themed to an excavator at a dig site that was too dangerous to operate, that is, until the college kids from Restaurantosaurus came by. This would have gone where Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama would’ve gone, and some sources say it will return soon to take over the area.

A far more popular rumor is the addition of Indiana Jones. This archaeologist already has his own ride in Disneyland which is extremely popular. Not only that, but DINOSAUR uses the exact same ride system and track layout as Indiana Jones Adventure. Turning Dinoland into Indiana Jones land sure wouldn’t be difficult. There’s even a dig site already in the land. Reportedly, DINOSAUR wouldn’t become an Indiana Jones Adventure clone, but rather have an original Indiana Jones plot, possibly with dinosaurs involved.

These rumors still include Dino-Rama being replaced by roller coaster and Finding Nemo – The Musical being replaced by a non-specific themed boat ride. Reportedly, the boat ride system would be the same used for Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure in Shanghai Disneyland, which is quite an impressive ride. There is no hint at what the ride could be themed, but reportedly Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot are all battling out for the system.

In the end, it’s all plausible. However, it wouldn’t make sense to re-do the land right after the addition of Donald’s Dino Duck Bash. Perhaps that may stay a bit longer before we see any changes. Personally, I would love DINOSAUR to last a bit longer. It’s my favorite ride in the park and one of my all time favorites. I also wouldn’t mind having that boat ride system, but not at the cost of Finding Nemo. Above all, don’t shoot the messenger.

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  1. Indiana Jones Land? That would get me to WDW for sure!

  2. I admit…. I do love Dinoland :heart:

  3. I do think that Dinoland needs something, but not at the expense of DINOSAUR and Finding Nemo. I love those attractions!

  4. I love Dinoland and always spend a lot of time exploring it each trip! DINOSAUR is one of my favorites (although I did like the original scarier version a bit better). I admit, I don’t always make Finding Nemo the Musical a priority each trip, but I sure do love it when I do go. I will be super sad to see this area go if that is what the Disney Powers that Be want, BUT I also know I will love the rebooted area just as much if not more. I mean, come on! Indiana Jones! That ride blew my mind when I was in Disneyland!!

  5. We hardly spend much time in Dinoland as it just doesn’t draw us much. I like some of the attractions, but not nearly as much as the rest of the park. I’d love to see a major update if the area.

  6. This land really never inspired me. The only ride I had interest in was Dinosaur.

  7. I do love dinoland, even though all we ride is Primeval Whirl and Dinosaur. I think its cute motif. and I love Chester and Hester’s store :)

  8. I’m not usually one for the carnival/fairground theme, but somehow it works in Dinoland. I would be happy to see an Indiana Jones ride as an addition to Dinoland, but I think Dinosaur needs to stay put. I think it holds its own. It’s a thrilling, impressive, popular :ticket: attraction that I think should stay

  9. I enjoy the Dinosaur ride, but never really liked the fairground theme for the rest of that area. It felt pasted on and doesn’t live up to the rest of the gorgeous theme in that park. In fact, I never understood why Disney went with a Dinosaur theme instead of an Australian theme. Africa and Asia are represented in the park. It would have seemed a natural fit for the continent of Australia to be represented as well, especially since it is not represented in Epcot. Would have fit better with the Finding Nemo show as well as expanding the animal opportunities in the park. I would love to see the fairground rides replaced with a single, well-themed ride.

    • Oh man, Australia would be so cool to have as a land! and DINOSAUR could still fit in! LOL

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