Grand and Miraculous Changes to Spaceship Earth

One of the classic Epcot attractions and a fan favorite is the large geodesic sphere known as Spaceship Earth. Open since opening day, the ride travels through the history of communication. But as our communication changes, so does the ride. Overhauls in the past have happened in 1986, 1994, and the most recent being in 2007. Each time we got a new narrator, a new ending, and a new sponsor. In the past, when a sponsor was dropped, it was the nail in the coffin for many attractions.

Siemens, the most recent sponsor of the attraction, just dropped. All signage in the queue and post-show of the company has been removed. The only real trace is during the very end of the ride, when the narration invites guests to play in Project Tomorrow. A overhaul is imminent, whether we like it or not.

Sources indicate all scenes prior to the Industrial Revolution will stay the same. Once we get to the mechanical printing press, everything will be changed. This could include the removal of the movies, a family watching the moon landing, Foxy Brown and her super hip computer room, and even the finale overlooking Earth. There has been no indication of losing the Design your own Future element.  Project Tomorrow would also see an upgrade, which it could probably use since some of the games tend to break down.

There’s no predicted time, nor a predicted narrator. My guess is that it will happen soon. So on your next trip, make sure to take a trip with Judi Dench. It may be your last. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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  1. Whoever took these pictures must be really good :goofy:

  2. They better not remove Foxy Brown… she’s the BEST! :minnie:

  3. You know every time they redo this ride I get nervous, but I have loved how it turned out each and every time!

  4. I would be all for a change to the little chair video. It’s had it’s time. I also wouldn’t mind if they put seatbelts in the seats. I know it moves slow, but I have wiggly kids and it give me anxiety. I would hate for them to remove Foxy Brown and some of the other fun portions. I love that they incorporated smells along the way.

    I think it could use some updating and some sprucing up, but I hope they don’t completely overhaul. Project Tomorrow at landing could most certainly be changed up. There aren’t enough spaces to go around and kids tend to linger on one machine for an exponentially long period of time sometimes. Neither of my children have experienced any of games there because I refuse to stand in a 20 minute line for that.

    • Seatbelts would be nice, it feels a little odd without them. I’ve had the ride stop before because someone decided to stand up.
      Project Tomorrow definitely has that problem. I’ve only played one or two games because some people hog them.

  5. Ahem… I just want to make one correction to this article.

    It’s Dame Judi Dench. She was knighted, I believe in the late 80s. LOL

  6. I have such mixed feelings about this one! I know some things need an update, but I am nervous as to what they will touch! I actually love this ride and am praying they don’t change Dame Judi Dench! :) :heart:

  7. I wouldn’t miss the video at the end, maybe something more interesting to look at for the ride back down to earth? A new projection on the ceiling would be great! Other than that, if they can fix it so we don’t get stuck every single ride ! :P

  8. Spaceship Earth, like Tomorrowland Transit and Carousel of Progress, are “rides” I never tire of and really get to the heart of Disney for me. I don’t like change but like @jamiedawn27 said, I have enjoyed all of the changes that have happened!

  9. I don’t know how I feel about this rumor. I don’t expressly dislike anything they’ve done with Spaceship Earth in the 2007 update, but Jeremy Irons’s version is still my favorite. I also miss the scene of the guy in America video calling the girl in Japan. I just think it was so cool that Disney predicted that back when we still had brick sized cell phones and international calls cost an arm and a leg, but now people don’t even remember that scene :(

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