YouTuber Calls Disney’s 50th Anniversary A Disaster

YouTuber Poseidon Entertainment posted a video last week about how Disney has been doing a terrible job with its offerings to its Guests who pay a premium to visit the parks. He talks about the problems with crowd controlling the merchandise, the lazy firework shows of Harmonious and Enchantment, and the “hastily put together” KiteTails.

I feel that most of us have had at least one conversation about all of these shows. Poseidon makes some really good points when comparing the current offerings to what we had. For example, he says he would not fault you for finding Harmonious entertaining, “However, what has always defined the Disney experience and put it over the top was the level of artistry that went into the experience.” He then goes to compare Harmonious to Illuminations. And, of course, he mentions how much of an eye sore the barges are during the day.

Disney is treating the 50th Anniversary as a celebration of the company’s legacy when in reality it’s a clear and distinct turning point in its destruction.

Poseidon Entertainment

Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Interesting article and video you shared. Some people I follow on IG experienced the new nighttime shows recently and commented that they were not impressed. I didn’t think too much of that until I noticed it wasn’t an isolated incident.

    As for the merchandise blunders, I have to say that’s made me want to keep my distance. Those videos of the Emporium and news stories I’ve read about fistfights over a Starbucks tumbler – I don’t want to be caught up in bat crap crazy crowds like that. I’m a little nervous about my December trip.

    • would you like me to come and protect you……..

    • Just like the idiots on flights, get a friggin grip and take a chill pill!!!!! I mean come on, gotta get that 1 in 1.2million cup?!

      It does seem, from afar, that Disney is short on security, by plan or circumstance. Saw on a feed this morning about a fight on the MK ferry. Just shaking my head.

      You can count me in for protection! As long as you can come back and protect me next October! LOL

      D-Cot Goon Squad? :P

  2. Great article and couldnt agree with them more! Disney to me is on a self destruction path. I’m content with not wasting my money on any of the lame 50th event. What a huge swing and a miss Disney. :angry:

  3. I’m not sure how I feel yet. I have not been to Disney since the 50th Anniversary has kicked off but I kind of feel like Disney is now marching to beat of the almighty dollar. Once upon a time, I felt that Disney’s push to build and expand was for guest entertainment that would result in more money. As people have stated lately, it seems that a majority of their new offerings are bent on getting the money first and then being Ok if guest enjoyed the new “stuff”.

    I could be wrong and will hold off on making that my stance once I get to see and visit. Quite honestly, when I go to visit I want to see all the stuff I have loved about Disney for many years. The new “stuff” is just the cherry on top of my “No Way José”!

    • @unphiltered I agree, I’m trying to reserve my final decision also, but I have that uneasy feeling in my stomach. :heimlich:

      For me the WDW 50th is nice, but I would not want to do anything special just for the WDW 50th, BUT next year is the 50 anniversary of MY first visit, I was but a wee lad back then, and we will be going. Now THAT is more important to me. Plus my wife and I like Halloween :treats: so we are going in October to the Fort and will be decorating our site and golf cart, bringing our own magic! :pumpkin: After that, who knows when we will be back, unless there is a big turn around.

      One thing I hope is moving Imagineering to Orlando will give some Imagineering love to WDW. Unfortunately, at the expense of Disneyland. :-(

  4. I agree with all of you. Especially the part of Disney marching to the beat of the dollar. I’ve started making Universal my main trip and Disney is now the side trip IF I go there at all! I never in a million years would have seen that coming.

  5. Haven’t been able to go, for a multitude of reasons, in 15 years. We had a trip booked for September 2020 but…well, we all know. I keep up with all of the things going on and the more I see, the more I don’t even want to try to go. It’s disheartening to say the least. I fell like by the time I am able to go, there will just be buckets at rope drop with signs that read “Fantasyland – $12 pp”, “Adventureland – “$11 pp” etc. It’s really quite ridiculous especially when you compare it to the reduction in quality and meaningful effort.

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