Frozen 2 Will Shatter The Box Office “Into the Unknown”

After six years Disney finally “Let It Go” and released its next movie in the series, Frozen 2.

Elsa in Frozen 2
A little Frozen 2 red carpet action.

MPAA rating: PG (for action/peril and some thematic elements)
Running time: 1:43
Opens: Nov. 22

Today I joined up with Disney Parks Blog for their special preview of Disney’s new movie, Frozen 2, releasing this Friday, November 22nd. I took my daughter with me as a guest. She was so surprised and excited when I told her where we were going today. We checked-in outside between the AMC Theatre and Splitsville. We were first provided wristbands (ours were blue) and tickets for a popcorn and fountain drink for each person. Further down the line we could pick our seats from a large chart. After that we were handed a bag with a magnetic lock used for our phones so there would be no audio or video recording. Hey, you have to play it safe! I get it.

In the lobby of AMC, Disney Parks Blog media team was preparing for the day. There was as huge Mickey Bar :mbar: for people to use as a prop. My daughter and I went to get our popcorn and refreshments; I went with Coca Cola and she went with Grape Minute Maid.

My daughter was carrying her popcorn to our seats. She is 3, so carrying popcorn and walking up the stairs can be challenging; so… I asked her to pass me the popcorn. A woman was walking down the stairs at the same time and as I grabbed the popcorn it fell and spilled out all over the stairs. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I turn around and see Disney Parks Blog author Steven Miller picking up the mess. I apologize and he says to not worry about it. I asked him where row R was and he kindly showed us to our seats and asked if we would like the popcorn to be refilled. He walked all the way to the concession stand and refilled it for us! What a nice guy! 👍

Before the movie started, Disney Parks Blog author and Editorial Content Manager Jennifer Fickley-Baker welcomed us. Now, movie time! 😁

Thoughts on the movie

Frozen 2 is an adventure around the kingdom of Arendelle. We get to explore the magic of its world along with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. There’s happiness, anger, laughter, disappointment and love. The movie keeps your interest the entire time; especially with its catchy soundtrack.

The music from Frozen 2, once again written by the original’s Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, is infectious. If you thought letting go of “Let It Go” was difficult, wait until your hear “Into the Unknown”.

Olaf hits it “out of the park” with his song “When I Am Older” and his fun-loving humor is still there. Be prepared to actually “LOL” from his antics.

Kristoff didn’t get to sing much in “Frozen,” so this time around he gets to treat himself to a music video of his own, delivering a power anthem titled “Lost in the Woods.”

There are moments in the movie where you kind of ask yourself “is this really happening?”. Yes, there are tear-jerkers, knee-slappers and “what-the-huh’s” throughout this movie. If you enjoyed the original Frozen, then you will absolutely love Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 opens in theaters November 22nd.

After the Movie

As if complimentary popcorn and drinks and a preview to this awesome movie wasn’t enough, Disney Parks Blog invited us to meet Anna and Elsa!

After the photos we were given a double-sided poster featuring Onward and Frozen 2, a Frozen 2 rice crispy treat and a Frozen 2 notepad.

The cards were part of a goody bag (pictured top-left) provided outside of the theater by a Frozen 2 truck.

This was just an amazing experience for my daughter and me. Thank you so much, Disney Parks Blog. Perhaps D-COT will get an invite to “The Rise of Skywalker”? 😁

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