Winnie the *Censored*

Winnie the Pooh, one of the most innocent and beloved stuffed bears of all time. This cuddlesome bundle of fluff has several attractions across the world, including Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and the most recent being Shanghai Disneyland. Each one is unique, from trackless rooms to birthday parties never mentioned in the movie, but I digress.

Shanghai Disneyland is home to two Winnie the Pooh attractions. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is your typical Winnie the Pooh dark ride. Hunny Pot Spin, a tea-cup style attraction where guests board a honey pot and spin around in the honey. Sounds like a recipe for fun!

However, Winnie the Pooh has recently been found in the world of politics. Yes, he did run for President once, but his recent involvement isn’t quite the same. Recently, a picture of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger surfaced next to a picture of Chinese Xi Jinping and former United States President Barack Obama. In China, it is generally frowned upon to mock leaders, which landed Pooh being censored and banned on the internet. Even in the recent Kingdom Hearts III video game, Winnie the Pooh has been replaced with an orb of white light. It’s quite odd since every other character in the game appears as they should.

Shanghai, as many of you may know, is a city in China. So for one of the Chinese Government’s least favorite bears inside a theme park doesn’t bode well. The rumor here is that the whole Pooh area is going to close. Speculation states that the area will become the recently announced Zootopia land. This would seem like quite the takeover.

Well, now we’re presumably banned from China. This is fun.

SEJ101 is one of our contributors to D-COT and finds all the juicy gossip going on at Disney.


  1. :surprised: :( Well even though you didn’t discourage me in this article, I still won’t shoot the messenger…I may have to figuratively slap him though. Consider yourself figuratively slapped. ;) This is unfun news!

  2. @rocketear99 I can endorse that action! :cheshire:

  3. Oh my…… :surprised:

  4. Ugh, this is so dumb, Maybe go after the person who did the side by side and not ban an innocent cartoon? SO STUPID.

    • While your solution sounds better, I don’t think it’ll work since the perpetrator is on American soil. In turn, it’s easier to just ban the image. But the whole cartoon is a different story… :surprised:

  5. seriously? things just get taken tooooooo seriously sometimes. Save POOH! ;) ;) :pooh: :pooh:

  6. I never knew there was a spinning honey pot ride in Shanghai! How cute! :pooh:

    • Yeah! I heard somewhere it was a concept originally meant for Toontown in DLR, but I can’t verify it. I’m glad it at least came to fruition in some form!

  7. I see the title of this thread and it reminds me of an off color joke.

  8. I remember when he ran for President. They had a Poohlitical convention at DLR.

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