Walt Disney World Only Accepting Reservations Starting July 1st

Disney announced to its travel agents a change to the way they are accepting reservations. For Guests interested in changing their existing travel dates or making new ones, reservations are currently available for arrival dates July 1, 2020, and later. As always, Guests are able to modify these bookings subject to availability if Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks and resort hotels open before or after that time.

What does that mean if you’re booked for a June trip?

You can still access your June vacation dates for bookings at Disney hotels online, through My Disney Experience and the Walt Disney World website. However, June vacations may be cancelled moving forward.


  1. UGH ! We had reservations for June 12-19, I guess now the entire family is going in November for Wine and Dine with me. :( :(

    • I’ve been thinking of you and Jamie so much! It doesn’t look good. Let’s just keep praying November happens!

  2. It’s Still Good News Regardless. :)

  3. in the same boat…June 10-17

  4. A little more information on how it’ll all may happen :)


  5. @cdolan1990 that’s a pretty good summary…long story short, I’m outta luck for 6/10

  6. @jamiedawn27 unfortunatly it may look like it :(

    • i’m not the only one…honestly they won’t say for sure it is opening 7/1 so yeah i’m gonna wait to relook at spring break (band trip time) as i would hope everything is figured out by next march.

  7. I think this is how ALL theme parks are going to be for quite a while.

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