The Philharmagic Continues

One of the greatest shows at Walt Disney World is Mickey’s Philharmagic. The 4-D show opened in 2003 and its popularity spawned an incarnation in every Disney theme park area except Shanghai Disneyland. Using sight, smell, water, and more, the show follows Donald Duck travelling through several musical segments on his quest to recover the Sorcerer hat… that he used despite Mickey telling him not to. The film has several classic Disney moments, from “Be Our Guest”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, and more. These moments are all fun and recognizable, but what if we got something more recent?

For years now, updates have been discussed for Mickey’s Philharmagic, specifically the Magic Kingdom where it all began. These rumors came right off the heels of Frozen. Frozen was immensely popular and has a few musical segments of its own, but which number would be incorporated into the show is unknown. One other candidate is Tangled, which has several amazing songs to choose from.

When these updates would occur is unknown, but maybe soon. The current show still uses a projection system, whereas the more recent versions (Disneyland Paris and Disney’s California Adventure) are completely digital. A recent permit for Magic Kingdom surfaced describing the demolition of the projection system, which could indicate the show going digital this fall. Or maybe the show is retiring, which is highly unlikely given its popularity.

Personally, I don’t think the show needs change. The show is amazing to me and it always keeps me engaged every single time I watch it. I do think maybe an addition of “You’re Welcome” from Moana would be neat, but it’s not necessary. The current show is fine, but that’s just my opinion. If Philharmagic does update, it could be fun. We just have to see. And remember, don’t shoot the messenger! Unless it’s scented… like champagne… or something else pleasant.

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  1. i really hope they don’t update it! or at the very least i hope they leave in part of your world and be our guest

    • I don’t think Philharmagic would be the same without those.

  2. I want them to update it, but have it similar to Star Tours:

    It’s random which songs you’ll get, but you’ll end with the same thing — the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.

    Songs they could add, along with “Let It Go” can be “We Know The Way” (Moana), “Sugar Rush” (Wreck-It Ralph), “Friends On The Other Side” (The Princess and the Frog), and “I Wanna Be Like You” (The Jungle Book)

    • That’s not a bad idea!!!

    • That’s an awesome idea. Is Disney watching this post? :P

    • This would be such an awesome change!! I hope Disney sees your random post and takes note! That truly is a great idea!

    • I love this idea! So many good choices they could do! “I have a Dream” from Tangled for example.

      • I imagine that would be the best choice for Tangled. I wholeheartedly support it too, that’s one of my all-time favorite Disney songs :rapunzel:

  3. Leave it as is!!

  4. It’s my all-time favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom. If it remains the same, I’m cool with it. But I’d like a change, and I’m hoping my idea is considered.

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