The Dragon in the Festival of Fantasy Parade Caught Fire

Dragon on Fire

The head of the Maleficent dragon float caught on fire today at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Rumor is no cast members or guests were hurt during this incident and the fire was put out quickly. Phew!


  1. Thank goodness nobody really got hurt.

  2. “If someone asks me ‘When is the 3 o’clock parade?’ one more time, I’m setting the parade on fire.”

  3. @sej101 LOL

    But seriously, that’s sad and scary! Glad they put it out quickly and no one was hurt :mal:

  4. Wow. That’s no good, but glad no one was hurt! There won’t be any rejoicing over this like there was when Iago caught fire in the Tiki Room Under New Management…

  5. Ok I might stand back a bit in June…

  6. Isn’t the fire suppose to come out of the mouth…..and not the ears ?

  7. Wow, that is intense! :surprised:

  8. YIKES!! That’s so sad, really was the most exciting part of the parade. Wondering… since the fire, has is the parade been running without the dragon or not at all?

  9. I heard the Wicked Queen was a hothead

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