The Disney Wish Sets Sail in January 2022

Disney Wish

Disney’s newest ship, The Disney Wish, is scheduled to set sail in January 2022. Disney continues to innovate on technology, and this ship is no different. It will be powered by liquid natural gas and more innovations have yet to be revealed! 

Much of the ships lines will remain consistent with the other 4 ships in the fleet. The design of the Disney Wish focuses on Fairy Tale Imagery. The atrium will be embellished with a grand staircase and oversize chandelier. The stern of the vessel will be adorned with Rapunzel hanging by her hair and Pascal, her sidekick. More Disney characters will set sail with families as family-style cruising will still be the focus of this DCL vessel with destinations TBD.

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  1. had a blast on my trip to alaska on the Wonder…hubby thought the vacation was too low key for him. he prefers being busy like the parks. sadly i think that might have been my one and only cruise. :(

    • Cruising is designed for relaxation. While there are some high energy events, it is really meant to unwind and low key. Might I suggest piggybacking the cruise to a park visit. Start off with the parks, and then cruise. You get the high energy of the parks with the recuperation of the cruise. I bet Chelle could set that up without a hitch!

      • LOL…I know…my ten year old is ALL about the cruise and wants to go back. *sigh* if only money grew on trees!

    • If only we could trade :P my hubby isn’t a fan of the busy parks and longs to take a Disney cruise! LOL

  2. One day I’ll get on a Disney Cruise ship! They look like so much fun!

  3. I’m all for Disney Cruise Line just in time for fifth ship to sail.

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