The Black Box

Have you ever wanted to re-experience an attraction that has been long gone, like Horizons? Or experience an adventure inside a different movie everyday? Well with the Black Box, you just might be able to.

The Festival Center at Epcot, formerly the Wonders of Life pavilion, is currently being re-shaped into the Play pavilion, an interactive city. What will be in this city is unknown, but a few topics were discussed in a past article, “An Update to the Rumor Articles.” One of the topics discussed was the Black Box Theater. There have been no updates regarding this as the location.

As news from the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios pours out (woot woot), the Black Box has received more attention. It’s rumored to make an appearance in this park rather than Epcot. And instead of a theater, it’s rumored to be a trackless dark ride. The ride would utilize screens and few physical props so the experience can be reprogrammed easily and quickly, possibly overnight.  Where and when this would go is unknown, but it’s believed to begin work after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens.

Supposedly, this new ride system will be used to bring people into current IPs, which sounds like a bit of advertisement if you ask me. Let’s play pretend real quick and say this attraction is already open. Currently, the big Disney movie is Avengers: Endgame. Playing more pretend, we throw the Marvel rights out the window and now you can join the Avengers in Wakanda, fighting the Children of Thanos (which is a scene from Infinity War, but it’s all pretend). The next movie would be the live-action Aladdin, so the very next day, you can ride a magic carpet ride over Agrabah. After that comes Toy Story 4 and so on and so forth.

As cool as this seems, it does rely heavily on screens. Technology is not always predictable. And also, it would be great if every theme park attraction wasn’t the same. Screens are used pretty heavily in many parks now (*cough* Universal *cough*), and whether they’re used in a good manner is up to you. Just be careful not to shoot the messenger, aim for the outriders instead (those are the aliens with many arms from the Battle of Wakanda).

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  1. If I get to re-experience Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, I am more than down :heimlich:

  2. I’m not a huge fan of screen rides…. at Universal Orlando I get super nauseated on Spiderman, Transformers, and even Minions LOL

    • Oh man. Sounds like you wouldn’t do well with this…or at more than half of Universal :surprised:

  3. @Acamm dramamine is a girl’s best friend…

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