Spot Stinky Pete in Toy Story Land

Stinky Pete in Toy Story Land
Credit: Disney

Have you tried The Play Disney Parks App? It allows you to interact with theme parks while visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. You can grab it in the App Store and Google Play. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, this new feature might have you doing it soon.

What does this new feature do? The next time you’re at Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in queue for Toy Story Mania!, you can bring to life an interactive show effect featuring Stinky Pete. When you complete all the mini-games in “Playset Party”, a game in which help assemble the Toy Story Mania! playset, The Old Prospector may pop out and surprise you!

I wonder what other new and innovative things Disney will do with this technology.

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