New Buttons Spotted at Disney Parks

There is nothing more iconic to the Disney parks than the complimentary buttons, whether it be, “I’m Celebrating,” “First Visit,” or “Happily Ever After.” Everyone knows them, and everyone loves them. And now you can grow your collection with Disney’s new line of parks-inspired buttons!

You can now find a two pack of buttons at most stores throughout the parks. I first saw them at the Emporium during my trip three weeks ago. They’re styled after the complimentary buttons’ aesthetic, but feature movie and park references. They’ll also run you $9.99 a pack, plus tax.

Credit: Disney Food Blog

Parks themed merchandise is my FAVORITE type of souvenir to get at Disney, because they remind me of “home,” the most. I am living for the “Meet Me at the People Mover,” button, and I absolutely adore the “I’m Here for the RIDES,” one! I think these are so cute, and the perfect way to accessorize any bag or jacket. I’m surprised Disney didn’t think of this earlier.

Credit: Disney Food Blog

In all honesty though, Etsy sellers have been making these types of buttons for years. Just search “Disney buttons,” and you’ll find hundreds of these. I actually own a couple of buttons from Etsy shops, before Disney came out with their own line. However, the Etsy ones use Disney’s intellectual property, which obviously Disney already owns, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney starts cracking down on the Etsy sellers. Only time will tell though…

What do you think of the new buttons? Which ones are your favorites? Are you going to buy a pair? And what do you think of the “bootleg,” Etsy buttons? Was Disney wrong for copying a prolific group of sellers, or do they have every right for lifting the Etsy buttons ideas? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Oh no there’s a rose gold and a Purple wall one….a little late for that :surprised: :P

    • right?! i understand the purple wall one, but i thought (or at least was hoping) the rose gold phase was over LOL

  2. In all honesty, I think these are cool. I just feel a hint of distaste since all the etsy people did it first. But that’s capitalism for ya :stitch:

  3. I like them – especially the people mover one – and buttons are back in (hello everything from the 80s). $10 for two though?

    • they’re def more expensive than the etsy ones, but honestly i would’ve thought these would be more

  4. Money, Money, Money, ….. MONEY! Ah yes, the Herman “Kay” Kaymen affect still happens today! Just remember, all the money allows them to provide all the magic. And while 5$ a piece may seem a lot, it is rather affordable considering most souvenirs.

    • agreed! especially when most pins cost $12-15, these are pretty reasonable

  5. I’m bummed about this because I have TONS of friends who did this on Etsy first. And FWIW, there’s been a lot of new Disney merch lately that’s “taken” from Etsy shops, which bums me out, but I get it. Sadly :(

  6. That’s kinda what Disney does, stalks successful Etsy stores and steals their ideas. These are cute but I don’t like both buttons in any of the sets and I’m not paying $10 for them :P

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