Kingdom Hearts 3, Junior Rocketeer and Pirates of the Caribbean DLR

Kingdom Hearts 3

At the E3 Expo, information has been shared regarding the Kingdom Hearts newest release. Kingdom Hearts is a First Person game where you the player team up with characters from the Disney Universe to achieve end game.

There are new worlds, new Disney characters from Frozen, Wreck it Ralph and Hercules.

Come late January 2019, Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 will be added to the release. The video style is similar to anime styles like Dragonball Z.

Junior Rocketeer

A new animated series inspired from the movie will be rolling out to Disney Junior.

Nancy Kanter (Executive Vice President, Content and Creative Strategy, Disney Channels Worldwide, and General Manager, Disney Junior Worldwide) released an image of the upcoming new series (above). The lush backgrounds appear to show the level detail this series will contain.

The series will star Kit, a young lady who receives a package on her birthday. You can guess what the package is. With a secret identity, Kit assumes the role of the next Rocketeer. Her best friend Tesh, is a technology minded individual who helps Kit with her new responsibilities. Tesh looks like she was inspired by Gadget from the Rescue Rangers.

The series is slated from debut sometime in 2019.

Pirates of the Caribbean DLR

Pirates @DLR returned with Redd (yes her name has two “d”‘s). Instead of selling wives, Redd is now a pirate and she is selling chickens? Davey Jones has been removed. Most people are luke warm about the change. Redd is also a new Disneyland Ambassador who also shares banter in New Orleans square with Capetian Jack Sparrow.

Check out all that is new to coming to various Disney enterprises. Do you like the changes? What are your thoughts?

Source: D23 By Courtney Potter

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  1. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games. The first one had crossovers with Final Fantasy, and several hidden bosses. I once fought Sephiroth (sp?), and it took me well over 30 minutes of constant battle to finish him off.

  2. Do you think the Rocketeer on Disney Junior will fight the Nazis again? :P

  3. Only if he’s alongside the mafia! :darn:
    Real shame about Neville Sinclair tho… that was a nice touring car… :goofy:

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