Josh D’Amaro is Back to Walt Disney World

Earlier this month, Josh D’Amaro returned home to Walt Disney World Resort, becoming president of the world’s largest Disney destination

Josh has held a number of leadership roles all across Disney Parks including several in Central Florida: Adventures by Disney, VP of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, SVP of commercial strategy and leading Resort and Transportation Operations.

Josh became President of Disneyland Resort in March 2018. He is very excited to be a part of the Walt Disney World team, especially with the 50th anniversary approaching in 2021. Let’s give him a warm welcome! 👏🏼

You can follow Josh on his Instagram account at @joshdamaro.


  1. The last time I saw Josh was when Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary he was commissioner then. Welcome back Josh.

  2. Unfortunately after seeing the earnings reports, I don’t think the Bobs will give him the reigns he needs to fix what’s wrong. It appears the price increases coupled with cutbacks in entertainment are translating into higher earnings and that is all that they and the shareholders seem to care about anymore. :(

    • I agree with you. It’s sad. I disapprove the decisions Chapek has made this entire year. I get it… it’s a business. I want to believe that if it was Walt he would not have made the same moves. I feel like I can walk into a meeting and come up with at least 10 ideas that are better than any other highly-paid executive. Opinions are mine and does not reflect those of D-COT. LOL

      • I’m right there with you! When you start pricing out even the somewhat upper middle class, I have to figure it’s going to bite them in the butt eventually. They’ll have taken their golden parachutes and jumped by that time.

        • “Golden parachutes”… I like that reference. Maybe they will wait until they turn diamond before they jump… wouldn’t that be a mess!

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