EPCOT’s Leave A Legacy is Back

Leave A Legacy is back
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Leave A Legacy was an effort by Disney in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. Guests had the opportunity to have their photos etched into the rocks to leave a permanent mark in Disney’s history. They did something similar to this over at Magic Kingdom with the pavers back in the 90s.

With the transformation of EPCOT’s entrance and Future World, the monoliths were taken down and Disney told us they would be repurposed. Well folks, here you have them! Their beautiful new setting is just outside the park. Did you leave a legacy? We did!

Leave A Legacy is back at EPCOT
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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  1. I’m so happy to see this !! I did this with my Grandma who LOVED Disney! Her last trip with us there was when she was 99! it will be nice to be able to stop by and see that again. So many great memories :heart:

  2. Awesome! My wife and I have one also from before we were married.

  3. Good to have the Leave A Legacy tiles back with different colors in the back drop.

  4. I think these look much nicer than they did :)

  5. Love the color and the refresh. How far away from the entrance is this? From the angle of the photo, it looks pretty far over to the left side and nowhere anyone would walk unless specifically going to them.

    I also did it with my wife before we got married. It was complimentary…part of a vacation package at the time.

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