Disney Plus Starts Testing in the Netherlands

People in the Netherlands became the first in the world to get their hands on Disney Plus when an early version went live Thursday in a free trial run.

While Disney does its testing, it will not offer the raft of original series and content that will be part of the official offering. Dutch subscribers will enjoy free access to the service until the official launch on 12 November. Here are some screenshots of the Android version. Have you signed up for Disney Plus yet?

Disney Plus App
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  1. jealousss LOL

  2. “Which country should we test this in? Definitely the Netherlands” LOL
    Thanks for the screenshots! I’m excited! :D

  3. I signed up but I don’t see an app for my iphone yet…waiting as patiently as i can…

  4. just freaking release it to me. I waaaaaaaaant it LOL

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