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I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse. – Walt Disney.

Walt was a man of vision, incredible vision. This quote seems to show Walt saw all the possibilities. Look at the empire today and you can see how the focus could be lost in all the different projects.

Almost 90 years today (11/18/1928), Mickey made his debut in the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie. The ingenuity and planning necessary to make this film cannot be understated.

In lieu of the above quote by Walt, this will be a year of celebrating the Mouse.

At the Shrine Auditorium, ABC will be hosting an extravaganza to celebrate the patron of Disney Animation. On November 4th, 8 Eastern (7 Central), ABC will have musical performances, tributes and an all out focus on Mickey

Disney Entertainment has tapped Don Mischer to produce this special. Teaming with Mischer, the 15-time Emmy® Award winner, are executive producers Charlie Haykel and Juliane Hare.

“It’s remarkable how strongly Mickey Mouse connects with people around the world, and it’s an honor for us to help celebrate such a beloved global icon.” – Juliane Hare

Around the world indeed. Here are just some of the translated names are:

Bulgarian – Miki Maus, Chinese – Mi Lao Shu, Estonian – Mikki Hiir, Finnish – Finnish Hiiri, German – Micky Maus, Greek – Mikki Maous, Hungarian – Miki Eger, Icelandic – Mikki Mus, Indonesian – Miki Tikus, Italian – Topolino, Norwegian – Mikki Mus, Polish – Miki, Russian – Mikki Maus, Swedish – Musse Pigg, Turkish – Miki.

With that type of recognition, avoiding the paparazzi is impossible! Where will you be on November 4th? I know where I will be. If you’re on social media, #Mickey90 will get this topic trending.

M-I-C, See real soon, K-E-y, Why? Because we like you…..

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  1. I love the other languages. It’s funny that you could probably figure out Mickey Mouse out of all of them — except Italian. LOL What’s up with that Italy?

    • Growing up near the Italian border, I saw “Topolino” but never realized that was Mickey’s name! I always thought it was some form of slogan like “Oh boy” or something LOL I don’t know why it’s so different to the others

  2. “Musse Pigg”

    • It all makes sense until you read “Topolino” and “Musse Pigg” LOL

  3. :) Musse Pigg is the best LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing! Love the other languages!! :ears: :heart:

  5. I got all teary reading this. I love that mouse so darn much. :) :heart:

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