[NEW MUSIC] Disney Springs Resort TV (2022)

Check out all there is to find at Disney Springs from morning to night with this audio track from the Disney Springs Channel found in all Walt Disney World Resort rooms.

@Chelle, Cara and Austin

My family and I were principles in the latest Disney Springs Resort TV promo (with speaking roles.. what?! 馃構). It’s amazing to see it all come together especially when you shoot it out of order. The filming took place from 12am to 12pm (that’s right… 12 hour shoot!). The first shot was filmed inside the World of Disney where Cara was picking out her favorite stuffed animal pals and Bryce and Austin were playing toss with theirs. From there we headed to Everglazed where we received the family nickname of the “DONUTS” family. After that we headed back to the World of Disney to shoot the outside segment and then over to The BOATHOUSE where we took a voyage on the amphicars.

If you get a chance, check out the video on our YouTube channel here. We are in three segments. In the audio track added today, you can hear @chelle and me doing voiceovers to introduce the audience.



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  1. You have such an awesome family!

  2. I had no idea you did this! How awesome! :ears: you have a beautiful family, perfect for Disney commercials!

  3. Very nice clip & Resort TV spot, can’t wait to watch it at one of the Resorts.

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