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Must Do Disney with Stacey

As D-COT Member @Goofyfan_Chuck reminded us when the news broke, “All good things must come to an end.” For 15 years, guests of Walt Disney World Resort Hotels have been able to turn on the TV rooms and find a channel with Stacey showing you the things you must do when at Walt Disney World. It began with her on the Top 7 Must Sees show in 2005 and, in 2009, the Must Do Disney show debuted with Stacey Aswad continuing to spread her enthusiasm and getting people excited for the vacation to come (or the one already underway). The channel with her show on it was wholly dedicated to it. The show aired over and over again 24/7! But as of July 7, 2021, Stacey took to Instagram to announce the sad news that Must Do Disney was coming to an end – yet another piece of the magic lost to the throes of the pandemic. Stacey didn’t detail exactly what led to the cancellation of the show, but being the ever-positive person we have come to see on screen chose to focus on the magic, the memories, and the good treatment of fans over the past 15 years.

Yes Must Do Disney and Stacey are leaving our Walt Disney World Resort TV screens, but the sounds of her show live on in the D-COT Jukebox. The feature track, the 2015 version, was added to Jukebox on July 28, 2015, but there are other versions that date back to the original 2005 version of Top 7 Must Sees. In all there are 4 shows on the Jukebox with Stacey as the host, so you can pick your favorite! Speaking of favorites, 60 D-COT members have made this one theirs. Supporters (including me) have added it to 17 Custom Playlists. It has a total play count of 3,522, with 9 this week so far. It gets a 4.9/5 average rating across 45 votes.

As we bid a fond farewell to Stacey and the part she played in our Walt Disney World vacations over the years, it’s worth mentioning just a little bit more about the person behind the screen. According to her website, she is the youngest of 5 daughters and has a talent for many things including gourmet cooking, baking, renovating, and crafting. When her work is in front of the crowds she hosts other shows as well as writes, produces, and choreographs. She is also a 5-time national champion in artistic roller skating. Who knew? She has done commercials for well-known companies like McDonald’s, AT&T, Toyota, Acura, and so much more. As for philanthropy, she’s been a big advocate for animal charities and rescue organizations. So keep an eye or an ear out for her. The odds are good that we still haven’t seen the last of her on a TV screen somewhere! 

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  1. She will be missed on our vacations. She was as much a part of our morning routine before heading to the parks as slathering on the sunscreen. Stacey needs a window on Main Street!

  2. So very sad to hear they are taking this off! Was just the best to be able to flip on the tv and have that play while we unpack :( who else can TOTALLY see her roller skating??

  3. A series Stacey co-hosts called VO Buzz is what caused me to have a deeper appreciation for voice actors. I’d have never even known about that series if it wasn’t for seeing her on my WDW resort TV and wanting to know more about this awesome person.

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