Magic Behind the Music: Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Discovery Island – Nomad Lounge ~ Area Music

Relax with your favorite snack and drink at home as you listen to the music from the Nomad Lounge on the D-COT Jukebox!

Nomad Lounge

If you’re ever in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, chances are you’ll be making a trip to Pandora. As you stroll (or rope drop walk) toward the bridge crossing into Pandora, before you leave Discovery Island, you may notice some interesting music coming from a building to your right. That place is Tiffins Restaurant and the Nomad Lounge. It has been a Signature addition to the theme park since May 27, 2016 and a popular place for “World” travelers to stop in for a relaxing libation or a small plate.

This is no ordinary lounge! It features outdoor seating overlooking the water which would be fantastic in the right weather. If weather isn’t cooperative, the indoor section is exquisitely themed for the nomad in all of us. Banners adorn the ceiling that have written on them the reasons why people travel. They make for an interesting read, even if you don’t plan on sticking around to order anything. This is one lounge that caters well to the family. It’s not exactly tucked away, and the menu offers a diverse array of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including 2 options for French Press Pot coffee! The small plates, running at a modest price for the signature style are worth the extra look. They include rice bowls with kimchi, sliders, pork ribs, poutine, and churros to name a few.

The music of this feature track was added to the D-COT Jukebox on October 17, 2018. A lengthy instrumental track that lasts over 90 minutes, it’s perfect for a respite from a busy day. Even as you may not be able to enjoy the lounge for yourself, you can whip up a small plate and/or beverage of your own and enjoy it while you listen. It’s possible that some of the 33 Members who have added the track as a Favorite have done just that. The track has been played 1,569 times, with 7 this week so far. Supporters have added it to 34 Custom Playlists. It gets a 4.9/5 average rating with 43 votes cast. These stats are strong indicators of the physical location’s popularity. As many of us patiently wait for our next shot at the Disney parks, a stop here will be perfect to break out of your socially distanced cocoon. Until then, relax with your favorite snack and drink at home, and tune in!

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  1. I wouldn’t have thought to listen to this one, enjoying it a lot. Thanks. :)

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