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The Haunted Mansion

Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding. Is this mansion actually haunted? As if the name and the run-down look of this, otherwise, stately manor doesn’t bring the truth into the foreground of your mind, this is a Haunted Mansion. And for a place seeking to cater to happy haunts, the owners certainly believed in that old real estage adage, “location, location, location.” For entry to the estate requires trespass through a graveyard! But wait! There’s more! For as you approach the mansion, sounds of ravens cawing, howling dogs, a carriage horse, and voices enter your auditory perception, but as your eyes strain to visualize the appearance of those making the sounds, they grow weary – for nothing that can be heard is seen. Add some eerie music, and lo, you have one haunting ambiance!

The Haunted Mansion is a project we’ve covered together before on our Magic Behind the Music series, but with the addition of the exterior ambiance just added to the Jukebox on October 18, 2020, the invitation was open to hurry baaaack to this favorite attraction for generations of Disney travelers. Indeed, a trip to the Haunted Mansion is especially a must this time of year. It practically screams Halloween! Last time we focused on the inside, but tonight we enjoy just being next to it, approaching it, slowly, as if fearful of a jump scare from a ghastly apparition. The irony is that while one unfamiliar with this attraction may slowly approach, they are likely to dearly depart having a lasting fondness for the experience. It’s a Disney World after all. It’s more entertaining and amusing than actually scary.

During the day, the run-down mansion is easy to notice against the pristine backdrop of the surrounding Magic Kingdom. At night, it gets a ghostly glow and occasionally a bit of fog and mist. The entry walkway includes the hearse carriage attached to the horse you can’t see, but can sometimes hear. Further down an interactive extended queue invites visitors to enjoy the quirks of a haunted graveyard (and by the way, did you know there’s a murder mystery to solve there?). Just before going through the doors into the mansion, if you stare at a gravestone to your left, you might find the face of Madame Leota staring right back at you! At the exit, you might notice a familiar toad ensconced in the pet cemetery.  

In just three days, this track has received a play count of 91 and rising! It has been favorited by 5 members and Supporters have added it to 8 Custom Playlists. It has a 4.9/5 average rating across 7 votes. The best part about this track is that at 2 hours in length, it can bring a piece of the Haunted Mansion ambiance to your own abode this season. Enjoy this welcome treat to your Halloween tricks this year!

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  1. love it, its a great addition to my Fall season playlist :) :ghost: :pumpkin: :tomb: :leota:

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