Magic Behind the Music: Epcot – The Land Pavilion – Living with the Land ~ Clean

If you believe that you can have fun learning new things, you’re in luck! Walt Disney believed the same thing and that ideology carried through in the Disney Company to the development of, among many other attractions, Living with the Land at Epcot in Walt Disney World. Somewhere between the sounds and smells of rushing water and the sights of actual crops growing in the greenhouses at the attraction, Living with the Land has gained a very large fan base since its original incarnation as Listen to the Land when Epcot opened on October 1, 1982. The prevalence of that fan base is, perhaps, most apparent on D-COT where we have 3 different audio versions of the attraction, plus the queue music and the Listen to the Land theme song!

The stats in this article come from the most recent “clean” version where we hear less chatter and more…land!  This version was added to the Jukebox on March 15, 2017.  It has a play count of 3690 with a weekly play count of 12.  Our Supporters have added it to 31 Custom playlists and 65 Members have made it a Favorite. It gets a 4.7/5 average rating with 44 votes.

The neat thing about listening to Living with the Land is getting to hear the sounds and pretty much the entire educational part of the attraction. Riding the attraction itself gives the visual stimulation that makes it fun. Interestingly, with this attraction we can only give partial credit to Disney’s Imagineers for the visual aspect. It’s a hearty portion of partial credit to beef up the attraction that the Imagineers created, but as for your garden-grown sides, well…that’s all science! On the ride, guests take a boat through a tour of rainforest, desert, prairie, and a farm as they learn the usefulness of each of these environments when it comes to the development of food. Then the boats drift into the greenhouses and aquacell where guests are introduced to the very real processes of growing plants and even fish as developed by Epcot and U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists! These scientists continue to work together to find more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of producing the foods we eat every day.

History has taught us that what we now consider to be “science” was one considered to be “magic.” In light of that fact, the magic of this attraction doesn’t end with the attraction itself. The research carries on to the public sector and, in case guests want to see and experience more, they can! A “Behind the Seeds” backstage tour is available, at a reasonable additional cost, for guests to learn even more about the science in the squash and the magic in the melons. Furthermore, dining at either venue in The Land Pavilion actually is garden variety as guests can enjoy some of the food grown right there in the pavilion. Your helping of fruit and vegetables doesn’t get much fresher than that! So enjoy Living with the Land, and possibly lunching with the land if reading this article has made you as hungry as writing it has made me!

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  1. I love this attraction so much! Great article! :)

  2. Me too, each season during the festivals I get to see flowers & foods that are labeled in each greenhouse.

    • Yes! I love when you can see where the F&W festival entries came from!

  3. My favorite Epcot attraction!!!! :heart: :land:

  4. and now I must go listen to my favorite ride music!!

  5. I will never get tired of this attraction! :heart: a must-do every trip! :land: and I also love your puns ;) :up:

  6. A must-do for me at Epcot. I Love this attraction. :heart: :heart:

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